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The Watch 16 Candles - A Movie Review


New member
Watch sixteen candles in the making; that is what is on my list of must watch movies this year. Sixteen Candles was a good Comedy movie, chosen many other fine movie choices which probably think you like to watch when you have already seen Sixteen Candles, too. directed by Rob Reiner and starring Billy Crystal, it's a fun time for all the family with a lot of laughs. The story is about a middle aged couple who have a hard time getting their daughter to stop talking about her time in the army in the third grade. She always voices her desire to be a doctor or a lawyer.
When she gets out of the army in the third grade, she goes to live with her grandma and aunt in Manhattan. Her grandmother is a really sweet old lady, who wants to help her grandchild finish school and wants her to start dating someone younger. So she tells her aunt to getanny to send her away to boarding school. Her niece in turn gets worried and runs off to find a boy who might be interested in her. The whole family is so thrilled as they all celebrate her leaving and decide that they will all go to boarding school together.
However, as you can probably imagine, things don't go so smoothly, and before long, there is trouble brewing. The girl gets very mad at her grandmother for forcing her into such a venture and then she starts having nightmares about being away from her father, etc. Eventually, her best friend shows up at the house one day, too late, to help her. Things heat up between them, which leads to them breaking up. Later, they learn that there were sixteen candles in the fireplace, and they finally come to the realization that it was actually a birthday surprise.
It's a very lighthearted movie, filled with comical situations and well placed humor. I don't think there is any more heartwarming moment than seeing Tom Hanks' face when he finds out his cat is pregnant. That's just my own opinion though. I would say that it is a very sentimental movie that deals with the most important things in life: family, friendship, and love.
In addition, this movie is just a hilarious watch. There is nothing complex about the plot, except for how the sixteen candles came to be there in the first place. It would have been so much better if they had been burned down instead. The story line is very simple, yet entertaining.
Overall, I recommend that you watch The Watch 16 Candles on the big screen. It will make your day when you wake up in the morning, especially if you had a bad day at work. You should also make sure to add this movie to your movie collection so that you can watch it again in the future if you want to relax and feel good. If you haven't seen it, you might want to go out now and check it out.
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